My one-on-one program will help YOU strip off the layers of mental and emotional gunk keeping you from loving your most brilliant self!

I am passionate about helping people create change, so I invite you now to simply consider these questions:

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then my one-on-one sessions are for YOU!

In this ten-session program, held over five months, I will help you get rid of the limiting beliefs that have you repeating the same negative patterns in your life.

This program is for anyone who wants to do ANY or ALL of the following:

I’ve helped thousands of people become depression and pill-free and if you’d like to hear from one lady who recovered from this illness through this exact program. Tess shares her experience with the techniques I taught her and how far she’s come since our sessions together.

Understanding how you are programmed – what your subconscious gunk is – and how to change it, is key to changing your life. In this comprehensive one-on-one program I will teach you the formula for creating rapid transformation in your life so you CAN have all you desire.

Successful people who appear to have it all aren’t just ‘lucky’. These people we look up to have learnt how to short-circuit the negative programming so they can experience a life full of happiness, fun, health and abundance. Every person has the ability to be happy, to experience love and enjoy life. They just need to be shown the way.

And that’s what I do in this comprehensive program. I take you on a guided journey into your subconscious; bringing to your awareness what programming is keeping you stuck, before helping you unplug it at it’s source. Please have a listen to my 1-hour audio workshop The Art of Self-Love where I explain how the subconscious mind works and what’s needed to create the change you desire.

EVERY client I have worked with who is 100% committed to the program has achieved the results they wanted!

Here’s what some of them had to say…. ‘
  • ‘If Tamra’s program was placed in a pill and labeled anti-depressant, she would be the wealthiest woman on the Planet. This program not only gave me the tools to get my life back on track it possibly saved it!!’

    – Andrew Broomhall, Tasmania.

  • kate

    ‘Saying THANK YOU to Tamra isn’t enough! What she has enabled me to do in my life is something amazing! Before meeting Tamra I was a lost, depressed soul with no drive or spark for life. Working with Tamra helped me not only overcome depression (which was incredible!) but start the career of my dreams.

    Tamra inspired and gave me the tools to step right out of my comfort zone with complete confidence to open my very own little cafe in Kyneton! Whatever it is you want to achieve, whatever troubles you have – YOU are the one who can do something about it – and it’s with Tamra’s help that you will!’

    – Kate Jackson, Kyneton

  • ‘What started as a course to help repair a relationship has turned into a journey of self discovery and personal growth of which I could not have imagined 6 months ago. My finances have turned around, I’ve lost over 10 kilos of excess weight, a result of giving up certain foods including alcohol, (five months without a drink YAY), and starting a light training regime. I’ve rediscovered the passion in my vocation and I’m focused on working out what truly brings me happiness in this life.

    – Mark McGurgan, Musician, Melbourne.

  • ‘Tamra I want to say THANK YOU so much. I can’t believe in just a few months I was able to grow and conquer the biggest challenge of all – overcoming depression! There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t appreciate what you did to support and guide me in life’s toughest journey. I’m speechless in the way you’ve supported me in changing my whole headspace and LIFE around!

    Today, I can truly say ‘I AM depression FREE’ and pill free! Do you no how awesome that feels? I can’t describe it! I don’t think THANKS is enough. There is NOT a single word that can explain how awesomely amazing you and your sessions are!’

    – Tess, 24-years-old, Adelaide.

  • ‘Words simply cannot describe how thankful I am for all you have done for me. You have literally changed my life. You changed the way I look at life and the way I look at myself. You taught me to love and trust again, and not just other people but most importantly myself. I am forever grateful to you and will never forget you. I am no longer afraid of so many things. I could sit here and ramble but the most important thing I have to say is THANK YOU.’

    – Sarah Southwell, 17-years old, Victoria

  • ‘From the day I started with Tamra, energies shifted, the world turned and the sun warmed my face after an immense darkness in my life. Working on goals and replacing negativity with positive light. I am now surrounded with self-love and have an inner confidence, combined with positive learnings has lead me to have a new lease on life. My livelihood has changed dramatically with my monetary earnings now tripled and my search for a nurturing and loving relationship was achieved and I am now living with my beautiful partner. I am living life to the full. Thank you for your guidance.’

    – Sandra, Sydney

  • ‘I began my sessions with Tamra with the intention of making my anxiety more manageable. I wasn’t sure to what extent Tamra would be able to help me, but feeling there may not be light at the end of the tunnel, what did I have to lose, right? Fast forward five months and not only has working with Tamra exceeded my expectations but Tamra helped me more than I could have ever imagined.

    I realised by dream of stepping back not the cricket field and playing again – all thanks to Tamra (something I had to give up due to the anxiety)! The energy, excitement and knowledge that Tamra radiates is remarkable. Having Tamra help me through individual sessions and has exceeded my expectations by tenfold and has left me declaring myself anxiety free.’

    – John Milone, 23, Werribee

  • mario

    ‘Firstly, I want to say that ‘Thank You’ just doesn’t express my gratitude for what you were able to do for me. I continually praise the day that I found that link on the internet to your book that firstly opened my eyes to the unfamiliar world of depression, and then your life changing email to me which was like a branch of hope. Once the journey with you begun it was like heading to the beach on a hot day… are hot and bothered and cant be bothered moving, but you get into the car and take the journey knowing that the destination is where you want to be, and what a journey it was.

    Has my life changed? Yes it has, and the lives of my family have changed as well. After 12 years of marriage, my wife and I are happier than we have ever been before, and our 3 beautiful children have benefited from the love and laughter that fills our home. My business has increased 80% since we finished our little journey and increasing staff levels is our only concern now.
    Your help and the results after only 5 months are nothing short of amazing. The journey that we took was enlightening and every session was like being reborn again. If I could have one wish today, it would be for everyone to have a ‘Tamra’ in their lives.
    Thank You Coach.’

    – Mario Rokka, Mortgage Broker, Melbourne.

  • ‘My name is Daniel and I suffered from depression from my late teens. Realising something wasn’t quite right I started searching for answers. A friend of mine suggested that I talk to Tamra after he’d noticed her new book in the store. I didn’t waste any time despite being a little sceptical. Very quickly things just started to click.

    I felt confident, self assured and I was back on the dating scene literally within weeks. I’m 35 now and over the years I’ve read an endless amount of self help books, seen a wide variety of therapists and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with little or no result. However after my sessions with Tamra I finally feel confident I can lead a happy life without slipping back into my old thought patterns.’

    – Daniel, chef, Melbourne.

  • ‘I look back on my first session with Tamra and think about how I felt about myself at this particular time. I could not look at myself in the mirror without thinking anything but negative thoughts about every aspect of my life. I felt like I had no true purpose in life, no goals, absolutely no confidence about me inside and out. In just a few months, Tamra taught me how to be proud of the person I am, that there is nothing in this life that I can not do. I was always scared and not confident to try new things or to confront a certain situation but now I find myself coming to the realisation that the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare me the most.

    I am so grateful and thankful for everything Tamra has done for me. I would recommend her to anyone because there are no words in this world to explain what she has done for me as a person. I now feel like there is nothing in this life that I can’t have and everything I have wished for can come true. Most of all I am thankful for Tamra teaching me that life is long and can take you anywhere and in the end the journey is the destination.’

    – Alicia Anderson, Melbourne


Want to know what’s included in the program?

Every person who completes this program then gets the added bonus of:
Do you feel at ease in who you are? Do you love and accept yourself fully? Are you completely happy and fulfilled in the life you’re living right now?
If not, know that this program is the FULL solution to the problem that is keeping you from having all of this and sooo much more.

What will happen in each session?

Session 1: Will be spent getting clear on exactly what it is you wish to achieve during our time together. We will set a very specific goal so you have complete clarity on what we’re working towards. One of the biggest reasons people don’t get what they want, is because they haven’t taken the time to get clear on what they want.
Once the goal is set we’ll go straight into releasing your first limiting belief. You can expect to feel much lighter and clearer and less burdened by your life circumstances. The shift will be instant and you will leave the session with the hope you need to easily apply the ‘homeplay’ tasks you’ll be set.
Session 2 -10: We will continue removing the beliefs stopping you from achieving your goal. We will also clear the negative emotions of anger, sadness, hurt, fear and guilt, so you are not holding these emotions in the physical body. When we have unresolved negative emotions, they make the body sick. Just removing the emotions themselves is often all that is needed to help clear up physical and mental ailments. Outside of this, I will also step you through strategies for getting you closer to your goal, while setting you very specific tasks to complete in your own time, that will help you get closer to your goal. Each session will focus on where you’re at right now. While I have a specific formula, I will adapt this to ensure we’re working on what you need in that moment.
Between sessions: Between sessions you will have specific ‘homeplay’ tasks to complete that will help get you closer to you goal. You MUST do them, as they are a critical part of the process. That said, these tasks, in most cases will be FUN! You will also have email access to me throughout the five-month program. I will check in on you via email, and you are to contact me especially if you are struggling, so I can help you move through whatever you’re going through. I encourage my clients to contact me as much as they can. The clients who have regular email contact with me between sessions, get better results.

Are you ready to have the life of your dreams? Even if you aren’t sure what those dreams are but know there must be something better, I can help shine the light for you.

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