Hi, I’m Tamra Mercieca.

Relationship and Self-Love Therapist & Author

Founder of Getting Naked


Welcome. So lovely of you to pop by!
I’m Tamra and my mission is to help ladies and gents, like yourself, learn the art of self-love.

Why? Because when a person loves and accepts themself unconditionally, they have the confidence and self-belief needed to enjoy love, happiness and pleasure right NOW!


    Having overcome depression – dotted with frequent suicide attempts – I quickly realised the importance of building a healthy relationship with self; hence why this is the core of what I share.


My ten-session one-on-one program has helped thousands of people become depression, anxiety and pill free while giving them the skills to live a happy and healthy life.

I also run a school called Getting Naked where I run courses teaching people how to become their own healer.


Feel free to wander over to my site Getting Naked where you’ll find my weekly inspirational blogs – just sign up below to have them delivered straight to your inbox – playful products including the gorgeous Jade Egg, the two books I penned, plus an array of other helpful resources.

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